March Newsletter

Officer of the Month

Originally from Detroit, Officer Hughey has been with Hexagon Security for a little over 3 months. In this short time, he has brought his 15 years of security experience to Hexagon and has proven over and over to be an invaluable part of the team. Officer Hughey has been our “go to guy” when we need a shift filled or need help at any community, and he does it all with a fantastic attitude! Officer Hughey is extremely flexible and loves to help his fellow officers. During his off time, Officer Hughey loves to play basketball, laser tag, bowling and anything that is fun and helps him enjoy life. He is also an avid traveler and enjoys trying new foods. We want to thank Officer Hughey for his dedication and hard work and are looking forward to him advancing within our organization.


Over the last 7 years, Hexagon Security has grown to service over 50,000 residential and multi-family customers in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Our non-stop commitment to team members and customers is paramount to the success of our organization. Our mission, Officer Safety and Customer Service, is an on-going commitment to deliver effective security services. Throughout 2018 our team is focused on driving value to our customers and residents by providing a safe and secure environment. Thank you for the continued support and ongoing partnership.

Safety Tips
  1. Always lock your door and windows.

  2. Avoid walking and looking down at your phone. Be aware of your surroundings.

  3. Park in well-lit areas near other vehicles and/or by high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

  4. Never prop doors open, even for a short time, especially fire or access doors.

  5. Verify who is at your door before opening, if you are not expecting someone or the individual is suspicious call and report to security/police.