June Newsletter

Officer Mitchell Pabon

Officer Pabon has been with Hex Security since November and has been knocking it out of the park since he joined our team. Officer Pabon started as a dedicated officer and did a phenomenal job. He quickly was promoted to patrol officer where he has been fine tuning his skills and becoming one of our most consistent officers. In his short time with us, Officer Pabon has been able to prove to us time and time again that he can excel into the next level. Just recently, we offered Officer Pabon the role of supervisor and he is actively training to incorporate his additional responsibilities. We are excited to have him on our team and we are enjoying watching his development into larger and larger roles within our organization.

In his free time, Officer Pabon enjoys spending time with his family, watching marvel movies and drawing. He is an amazing artist and is planning on making some art for our office.


At Hexagon HQ we are wrapping up open items needed for the roll-out of Silvertrac. We have been confirming site placements for checkpoints, initializing cell phones, and training our officers to get the most of out what Silvertrac has to offer. This new software will provide Hexagon the ability to have digital checkpoints, advanced incident reports, and data to be proactive in securing each of our property’s specific needs. Reporting will also be more detailed (requiring photos, timestamps, and much more) to make summary reports for our Property Managers concise. We appreciate all the help from the management teams at each of our properties in getting us the items we have requested! We are looking forward to seeing the impact this Q2 launch will have on “pushing the needle” when it comes to integrated security options and being a trusted partner to our customers.

Safety Tips
  1. Always lock your door and windows.
  2. Avoid walking and looking down at your phone. Be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Park in well-lit areas near other vehicles and/or by high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  4. Never prop doors open, even for a short time, especially fire or access doors.
  5. Verify who is at your door before opening, if you are not expecting someone or the individual is suspicious call and report to security/police.