September Newsletter

Officer Robert Hosey

We would like to recognize Ofc. Hosey as the Hexagon Security Officer of the Month. Ofc. Hosey has been a valuable member of the Hex Security team for the last 2 years and is currently one of the company’s Officer In Charge (OIC). Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Ofc. Hosey enjoys writing, spending time with his family, and is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Thank you Ofc. Hosey for being a leader and representing the Hex Team!

Field Manager, Clifton Carter

Hex Security would like to introduce the newest member to the team Field Manager, Clifton Carter. Clifton comes to Hex with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Security, along with having served as a soldier in the United States Army. We are very eager to have him on-board with us as he begins his journey with the team! Thank you for you service, Clifton!

Safety Tips
  1. Always lock your door and windows.
  2. Avoid walking and looking down at your phone. Be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Park in well-lit areas near other vehicles and/or by high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  4. Never prop doors open, even for a short time, especially fire or access doors.
  5. Verify who is at your door before opening, if you are not expecting someone or the individual is suspicious call and report to security/police.